Individual Farm Stay & Ranch Stay

Individual Farm Stay/Ranch Stay/Equestrian Center: American farmers and ranchers who wish to open their homes to international visitors may choose to participate as a host family. The primary difference between a homestay and a farm/equestrian center stay is that being a member of a farm or equestrian center family usually includes doing farm, ranch, or equestrian center chores daily.   Participants may be placed in a nearby home and travel to the farm or ranch/equestrian center daily.
Although the farm/ranch/equestrian center program was originally designed to meet the needs of agricultural students and other future farmers and ranchers who were seeking to learn more about specific aspects of a farm, a ranch, a breed of cow or horse, a type of grain, etc.,  most of those who now participate in this program do so because they are attracted to farm or ranch life.  Qualified international participants are expected to engage in hands-on farming and ranching experiences through this unique program. They will spend 2 to 6 hours per day alongside the family–feeding animals, milking cows, repairing fences, taking produce to the market, canning, gardening, grooming horses, cleaning stables, training horses, and other chores and activities.