ERDT Volunteer Homestay Programs

ERDT Volunteer Homestay Program offers 3-8 week programs rooted in philanthropy in a wide variety of fields.

Volunteer Homestay Program provides participants with meaningful hands-on training while volunteering in a dynamic organization. These programs help participants develop and strengthen professional skills in an environment that enriches their academic experiences.  Professional Development opportunities generally involve placement at a local non-profit agency or public service office.  As with all ERDT enVision programs, participants live with American host families, who arrange for their daily transportation to the agency where they are engaging in their volunteer work. Please read several stories in our blog from past participants:

Professional Development opportunities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Local non-profit agencies
  • Local Schools
  • Municipal Community Development Department
  • Fire Department
  • Police Department
  • Municipal General Services Department
  • Municipal Library Department
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Municipal Human Resources Department