Research in Civil Society (RCS) USA

Duration: 20 days

Participant age: Advanced high school & University

Location: Local communities in Southern California

Timeframe: Year-round

Research in Civil Society (RCS) USA is a unique experiential and seminar program in a local community homestay setting that investigates challenging issues in U.S. civil society. EnVision has been running such programs for the past ten years.

Interactive RSC program seminar topics (focus on listening and discussion skills) include:

  • Issues around access to U.S. education, especially at university level
  • Portrayals of culture in U.S. movies and TV, stereotypes and social reality
  • Immigration, attitudes and policies
  • Law enforcement, issues around policing in the U.S. and the needs of the local community
  • Volunteerism in the U.S., role of local non-profit organizations (NPOs) in formation of civil society
  • Governance in the U.S.; implications federal, state, local authority

The seminar topics are supplemented by related visits to local community organizations: visits to universities and interaction with college students, tour of  police department and interaction with police officers, hands-on volunteer project at NPOs.

Participants also have a schedule of tours and fun social activities: tour of Los Angeles, UCLA visit, Universal Studios, Las Vegas overnight, and Getty Museum.

Please Click Here to view a sample program itinerary.