Social Research in America Program

SRA is a unique research program designed to provide Chinese university students insight into various American institutions and family life. The SRA program, created by CSCEE (enVision’s Chinese partner organization) and enVision, offers a specialized learning experience through which the students conduct a comparative analysis of aspects of their own society’s institutions and those of American society. The two- to three-week program includes workshops, specialized guest lecturers, on-site visits, full-day excursions, and informal social and recreational events, all while living with an American host family for two to three weeks.

Workshops provide a structured environment for discussion and analysis of the experience of the on-site visits and enable participants to form comparisons in some of the following fields: Education, Ecology and Environment, Public Safety, Non-Profit/Volunteerism, Health Care, and Family Life. Workshops also encourage language development and help students improve public speaking skills.  Interactive learning is enhanced through experienced ERDT Program Coordinators-Facilitators and guest speakers. On-site visits include such venues as university campuses, water treatment or recycling facilities, local government and public security and safety offices, medical facilities, and community volunteer organizations.  A Certificate of Completion is issued at the end of the program, confirming active participation and completed SRA assignments.

Cross-cultural exposure, knowledge, and sensitivity are requirements for the new leaders of the global society and economy.  International businesses and organizations today require leaders who are flexible, can adapt to new environments, and are able to interact well with partners and employees from other cultures. The SRA Program addresses the need for potential leaders to increase their awareness and understanding of cultural differences and challenges. Through the homestay with their American host families and the structured interactive learning provided by the SRA workshops and activities, students gain a deeper understanding of American society and way of life as well as insights into their own.