Our mission is to strengthen our global community through Cross-Cultural Learning and Living.

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We Strengthen Cross Cultural Experiences

At ERDT enVision we are absolutely and passionately committed to strengthening our global community through cross-cultural learning and living. We believe that full cultural and linguistic immersion is the best way to truly understand other cultures and expand one’s own perspective on the world and themselves.

We Are On A Mission

ERDT believes that cross-cultural understanding is fundamental in developing mutual respect and tolerance between Americans and peoples from other countries.  By doing so, we feel that we enhance the individual potential and value of all people, foster a strong belief in our common human heritage, and create collaboration and solidarity in a closer global community.

We Have a Variety of Programs

ERDT enVision offers a variety of short-term homestay: Individual Immersion Homestay, Volunteer Ventures, Farmstay & Rachstay Program, and many programs for groups of students in junior high, high school and university.

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