Volunteer Ventures Homestay Program

Duration: 2 – 8 weeks

Participant age: At least 18 years old

Location: Most placements are made in local communities in Southern California, and Northern California.  Placements are also made in Mid-Western states and on the East Coast. ERDT does not guarantee placement in the expressed preference location.

Timeframe: Year round

Program: The ERDT enVision Volunteer Ventures Program offers a practical experiential program rooted in philanthropy, public service, and community support.

Participants will have at least 20 hours per week of supervised volunteer experience in local community non-profit organizations, educational institutions, senior care facilities, community outreach, and support organizations.

The supervised volunteer program allows participants to gain a hands-on understanding of the mission and functioning of local community organizations that provide a variety of non-governmental social services.

Participants will thereby gain practical skills in the area of providing services to those in need in local communities in the U.S. and also improve English skills in the professional arena.

Participants are hosted by an American family for the duration of the volunteer program and have the opportunity to travel in their free time.

Participants do not have to be enrolled as a student in order to join this program and may choose any time of the year to start a Volunteer Ventures Program.

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